Egg Jousting

Egg Jousting pits two challengers against one another attempting to break the others hard-boiled egg. Each match has a challenger and a defender. The challenger shall be chosen as the player who has accumulated the most eggs. In the case of a tie (such as at the beginning of the tournament), the challenger shall be decided as the winner of a Rock-Paper-Scissors round.

Each player starts with one hard boiled egg. At the beginning of the match, the challenger makes one of the four challenges by stating:

  1. With my HEAD, I will break your HEEL.
  2. With my HEEL, I will break your HEAD.
  3. With my HEAD, I will break your HEAD.
  4. With my HEEL, I will break your HEEL.

To accept the challenge, the defender shouts “Then break it!” and holds his  or her egg in the palm of the hand with the thumb and finger circling the end of the egg stated in the challenge.

The challenger then takes his or her egg, and with the hell or head, again depending on the challenge made, cracks it down on the defenders egg. If the defender’s egg cracks, the challenger wins the round. If the egg doesn’t crack, then the defender becomes the challenger and makes a new challenge. The winner of the round keeps both eggs and advances to the next round.

The winner of the tournament will have collected all of the eggs and have at least one unbroken egg. The champion may dispense of the collected eggs in any manner he or she deems suitable, but we recommend eating them and sharing them with others.

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